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Online Image Processing Tools - This demo allows you to process your own images via the web. Tools include Stereo images, Segmentation, Zerocrossings, Contourlines, Histogram-Transformations, Color-Separations, Anaglyph Creation, Principal Components.

Pic2segment image segmentation demo - Image segmentation demo from Isis (Intelligent Sensory Information Systems) research group at University of Amsterdam.

NETRA2: Region-based Retrieval - NETRA 2: A Region-Based Image Retrieval System from Vision Research Lab at UCSB

JSEG: Image Segmentation Demo - Online Segmentation Demo using JSEG algorithm developed at Vision Research Lab at UCSB.

NETRA: A Content-based Image Retrieval System - A Content-Based Image Retrieval System from Vision Research Lab at UCSB combining shape, texture, color, and spatial locations. Image segmentation part is done using the Edgeflow segmentation method.

CIS: Semantics-based Categorical Image Search and Retrieval - CIS is a semantics-based image search engine developed at Vision Research Lab at UCSB. Instead of using a bottom up method, CIS utilizes a top-down approach to categorize images semantically.

SIMPLIcity - Large-scale content-based image retrieval by James Wang, Jia Li, and Gio Wiederhold. Uses wavelets to Classify web sites and web images.

CIRES: Content-based Image Retrieval System - This system employs texture analysis via a Gabor filter bank, CIE Lab space color histogram, and structural analysis using perceptual grouping principles.