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 November 06, 2006
  • Blastomere Blowup
    A novel way to harvest stem cells intrigues and inflames
  • Uninformed Consent
    Donors remain unaware they do not own their cells
  • That's Debatable
    Six debates at the frontier of science

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  • Broken Mirrors: A Theory of Autism
    When the brain's mirror neuron system malfunctions, perhaps lack of empathy and other characteristics of autism are the result

  • The Dark Ages of the Universe
    Between the big bang and the formation of the first stars, the cosmos was utterly lightless. But astronomers can finally start peering into the darkness

  •   Seeing with Superconductors
    Sensors made of superconducting material can detect individual photons and have applications ranging from antiterrorism to astronomy
    Web-only sidebar: Two Applications of Superconducting Detectors
  •   Mirrors in the Mind
    Mirror neurons, a special class of cells in the brain, may mediate our ability to mimic, learn and understand the actions and intentions of others
  •   Reviving Dead Zones
    Around the world, nutrients in runoff are turning coastal sea areas into oxygen-deprived dead zones hostile to life. But the example of the Black Sea shows these regions can be saved
  •   The Origin of the Greek Constellations
    Was the Great Bear constellation named before hunter nomads first reached the Americas more than 13,000 years ago?
  •   Malware Goes Mobile
    Consumers, phone makers and security companies must move quickly to quash the threat of new viruses targeting mobile devices
  • News scan on science:Catchy Carbon Catchy Carbon
    What Floyd Landis has in common with ocean sediment

  • Muscling Up Color
    Polymer splits light for true color in displays
  • Keeping CO2 Down
    The first U.S. project for carbon dioxide burial gives mixed results
  • Martian Field Test
    Drilling in Greenland to prepare for Mars
  • Not Imagining It
    Research into hallucinogens cautiously resumes
  • News Scan Briefs
  • California, Here We Come
  • Wronger Than Wrong
    Wrong. Wronger. Wrongest.
  • Gunk-Free Fiber
    The sticky problem of paper recycling
  • Uncommon Scents
    Smell like a scientist
  • The Social Welfare State, beyond Ideology
    The evidence proves that higher taxes and social "safety nets" do not necessarily hurt market economies
  • The Evolution of Future Wealth
    To better understand the nature of economic growth, study how species adapt and evolve
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