ALIPR stands for Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures (Real Time), its been developed by Penn State University professors and makes it possible to automatically tag images with keywords, rather than having a person manually label the photos. This could be quite an interesting one for sites like  and , whose users use tags extensively to catagorise their pictures. The vocabulary is fairly limited at the moment and it doesn’t always get it right but if you try  it doesn’t do a bad job although with the current limited vocabulary it has a pretty good chance of getting a few correct tags. You’ll notice when uploading that it says at the top…

‘ALIPR is like a child trying to learn about the world. Please help us to teach ALIPR’

…so hopefully it’ll get better although I’m not sure how its learning algorithms work as it doesn’t currently add manually suggested tags to the word list.

Worth having a look at anyway if your into the whole social tagging thing which is becoming increasingly popular at the moment.

Surprisingly enough I picked this one up off , occasionly something interesting gets posted on there but the comments should be largely ignored!

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