James Z. Wang's Research Group

Research Projects

Primary Projects

Media Annotation and Aesthetics

We attempt to study content-based image search, automatic learning-based linguistic indexing of pictures, and different ways to browse a large collection of images. The project was started in 1995. The current work focuses on three areas: (1) developing highly efficient machine learning mechanisms for imagery data, (2) developing models for high-dimensional imagery, and (3) developing a learning-based image annotation and retrieval system. . . . more >>>

Climate Informatics Network

Many are concerned about climate change and one of the most important climate research problems is understanding the relationship between oceans and the global climate. A significant challenge facing climatologists and meteorologists today is making sense of the vast and continually increasing amount of data generated by earth observation satellites, radars, and sensor networks. These data are increasingly available in high-resolution image formats and must be incorporated correctly into climate change models. . . . more >>>

Cypriot Digital Antiquities Repository

This project is to develop novel prototypes for (1) iconic image analysis and recognition for retrieval, classification annotation, and analysis of iconic digital imagery of Cypriot cultural heritage materials, and (2) searching and exploring the Ancient Cypriot Secretariat Corpus. (The corpus contains works from antiquity to early Christian era written in period text and describing scientific, philosophical, social commentary, etc.) The project will involve computer scientists, archeologists and art historians from Penn State and The Cyprus Institute. . . . more >>>

Biomedical Informatics Research

This research project will advance information technologies related to biological imaging, medical imaging, and genomic databases. A current effort is the SHIRAZ project, jointly with the Cheng lab in the Pathology Department of Penn State. . . . more >>>

Other Projects

Art and Cultural Imaging

This collaborative research project aims at advancing information technologies related to the preservation, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination of digital imagery for art and cultural heritages. We have studied Asian paintings and European paintings (in particular those of Vincent van Gogh). . . . more >>>

Trusted Image Dissemination and Security

This research project aims at advancing technologies related to the filtering of images. We developed one of the first image-based filter for online objectionable contents, back in 1997. The project also studies image-based CAPTCHAs for the discrimination between robotic and human users on the Internet. . . . more >>>